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  • YOGAMAR : Victoria and Alix welcome you a stone's throw away from the hotel in their wellness area to revitilise yourself in a soothing and warm atmosphere with three massages :


This Ayurvedic massage aims to revitalise the body by stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulation. From northern India, this hot oil massage aims to rebalance the energies that animate the body and mind by alternating movements of circular pressure, sliding, acupressure, friction and stretching on the whole body. The oil is applied in large quantities to create a warm envelope on the body, in order to support relaxation and the execution of massage gestures.

Ideal in case of great fatigue or stress, the Abhyanga massage has relaxing and energizing effects as well as real benefits on the psychic and emotional level. It is a privileged moment, a source of well-being and plenitude.

Parts of the body massaged during the massage: back, back of arms, back of legs, feet, front of arms, hands and neck.

Price : 1h - 70 euros 


This Hawaiian massage aims to provide deep muscle relaxation. Both invigorating and comforting, it is also very oily. During this massage, the muscles are massaged using the hands, points and forearms by performing back and forth movements, like massage waves. Ideal if you need to relax your muscles with a feeling of total and continuous envelopment of the body.

Parts of the body massaged during the massage: back, back of the arms, back of the legs, stomach, front of the arms, neck, skull and face (+ feet and hands for the 1h15 formula).

Price : 1h - 70 euros / 1h15 - 80 euros


Sports massage is a tailor-made muscle massage by excellence. Less oily than the previous ones, it aims to provide relaxation as well as deep muscle recovery. This is a tailor-made, deep and technical massage. You can choose which parts of the body you want to be massaged. The muscles are worked one by one in order to restore their flexibility and mobility. This massage is suitable for anyone practicing physical activity whether intense, moderate or occasional, for anyone with significant muscle contractures after physical effort. It is also THE ideal massage after several surf sessions !

Price : 1h - 70 euros / 1h30 - 90 euros / 2h - 120 euros

  • SPA ALAENA : Spa, Treatments & Hammam in Biarritz. Spa Alaena is housed in a building designed by Biarritz architects Pastre-Gardera. 

Inspired by oriental and Asian cultures, Spa Alaena offers a variety of massages and treatments with regenerating and soothing virtues to suit your needs.

Réservation : 05 59 22 62 40 / contact@hoteldelaplage-biarritz.com

Tarif : On request

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