List of rooms

The Hotel de la Plage offers you its 20 rooms with trendy decoration and refined style.

For a relaxing stay, what you need is the patio view single room. Intimate cocoon, it will offer you a bubble of tranquility to rest after your day. Its bed of 160 will provide you with all the mod cons to spend serene and restorative nights during your stay in Biarritz. Outside, you will enjoy the greenery of the hotel’s patio thanks to your private balcony, to delight you in the sun at any time of the day.

Surface area : 18m2 – Balcony
Capacity : 1 person
Bedding : 160 cm bed 

De 145 à 230 € depending on the season

Need to relax in a duo close to the beach? Opt for this room that gives you space, well-being and peacefulness. Patio side facing, it will allow you to appreciate all the calm that can offer you this greenery area, soothing and giving a change of scene.

And to keep on enjoying the beautiful and long summer days even when you get back to the hotel, the private balcony is waiting for you.

Surface area : 22 à 25 m2 – balcony
Capacity : 2 persons
Bedding : 180 cm bed 

De 165 à 250 € depending on the season

For the hedonists who want to enjoy all the joys and possibilities that Biarritz has to offer, this room is the perfect place. Spacious and imprinted with the Hotel de la Plage’s style, it gives you direct access to the beach of Port Vieux as well as to all the shops and restaurants of the city centre. Everything to feel comfortable as if you were at home, even on vacation !  

Surface area : 22 to 25 m2 
Capacity : 2 persons
Bedding : 160  bed

De 205 à 290 € depending on the season

Do you dream of waking you up facing the ocean for a weekend in the southwest (or more if you like it)? This is the idyllic promise made by this intimate room overlooking the mythical beach of the Port Vieux. Enjoy all the necessary comfort thanks to its spacious bedding and its many amenities. For a smooth stay.

Surface area : 18 à 20 m2
Capacity : 2 persons
Beding : 160 cm bed

De 190 à 295 € depending on the season

For your stay in Biarritz, what is better than a room facing the ocean, ideally located in a four-star boutique hotel in the city centre, close to the Rocher de la Vierge and the Villa Belza? As you would understand, the ocean comfort room of the Hotel de la Plage is the perfect place to enjoy your holiday with great serenity.

Surface area : 20 to 22 m2
Capacity : 2 persons
Bedding : 180 cm bed 

De 215 à 330 € depending on the season

For an ideal stay on the Basque coast, treat yourself to the unique experience of a spacious and designer room, with private balcony on the ocean. A real dive into an unforgettable holiday, which promises you a perfect balance between comfort, serenity and dream landscapes. Because this is one of the most beautiful views of Biarritz that is given to you, without even having to get up from your bed !

Surface area : 20 to 24 m2 – private balcony
Capacity : 2 persons
Bedding :  180 cm bed

De 250 à 345 € depending on the season

The signature, this is the whole soul of the Hotel de la Plage, which finds itself in a spacious and comfortable room, decorated with natural materials, soft colors and with a mix of vintage, local and ethnic styles. A little paradise with stunning views over the ocean, that you can admire from both the inside and the outside, on one of the two private balconies you will have at your disposal. Whether from the bedroom or the bathroom, facing the famous Rocher de la Vierge, the most beautiful sunsets in Biarritz are given to you.

Surface area : 26m2 – 2 private balconies
Capacity : 2 persons
Bedding : 180 cm bed

De 290 à 425 € depending on the season